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"Girl..." Cover Saga

The amazing art department at Bantam worked tirelessly to find the perfect cover for The Girl Who Chased the Moon. The covers for Garden Spells and The Sugar Queen seemed easy compared to this. Here's the saga:

The first cover sent to me. I was still writing the book at this point, so all they had was the first chapters to go by.

Magical second cover option.

Third cover: I wasn't sure about the floating swing here.

Fourth cover: Cupcake diving!

Fifth cover: This was my favorite of all I'd seen up to this point. I loved the peeling wallpaper effect of the title treatment. I thought it was a great match to the magical wallpaper in the book.

Sixth cover: Getting closer to the original 2009 release date, Bantam decided to go with the picture of the town, and they made the cover similar in treatment to the beautiful Garden Spells and Sugar Queen hardcovers.

Seventh cover: At my request, The White House was removed from the picture.

Eighth cover: When the release of the book was moved to 2010, Bantam decided to see if they could find a better cover. Another attempt at working cake into the cover, but the frosting looked out of place.

Ninth cover: Enter photographer Claire Rosen. She was hired to take some book-themed photos for Moon. Nice fairytale option here.

Tenth cover: Almost there. A longer view was needed.

Eleventh cover: Change the color of the dress, maybe?

Twelfth cover: And then change the texture of the dress, and change the title treatment?

Thirteenth cover: Voila! This was the cover of the Advance Reader Copies sent out.

Fourteenth cover: The official hardcover of The Girl Who Chased the moon, clear and bright.

Fifteenth cover: Surprise! A new paperback image a year later!